Friday, November 18, 2011

GWOP 420 Bud of the Week: Sour Diesel


Name:  Sour Diesel
Grade: A+
Type: Sativa
Genetics: Rumored to be Mexican Sativa x Afghani Indica
Price: Approx. $55/8th
Looks: Spot on! NUGGETRY Sour Diesel has the prototypical Sour D look where the swollen, resin covered empty seed pods loosely seem to grow in vertical “foxtail” like buds.
Smell: 1 word, SOUR.
Taste: SOUR
Buzz Type: Energetic to say the least. Very inspirational and creative buzz that will have you talking up a storm. Not for introverts.  :)
Buzz Length: over 2 hours

4-30-10 NUGGETRY Sour Diesel 002

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